Turning tables
3rd March, 2016 Writers

Ella is heard shouting at the top of her voice towards her estranged mother who blatantly walked into Ella's fancy office without an invitation before their nasty conversation took off.

ELLA: who do you think you are? Why would you just barge into my office? I don't recall inviting you,so have some dignity and get the hell out of my office.

Kristina:  Am your mother,whether you like it or not, i will always be your mother....

Ella: No you'r not,you lost the right to call yourself a mother the moment you gave me out without a second thought, even animals don't do that.

Kristina:  I can see that your wealth is deceiving you because you have lost touch with reality,but it's not your fault,his blood runs in your vain,so who could blame you?

Ella: Don't talk about him like that, if only you kept your leg closed as a married woman instead of being promiscuous, if only!!!.....but you went after a man whom you knew would never love you, you loved him with everything you've got,and it hurts a lot knowing your love was unrequited ,he zoomed off with the woman he truly loves and he never looked back. So the only way you could be at peace is to transfer the anger to me,but i never asked for any of these . I used to wonder why you hated me so much among your children,not until I realized that , my father was different from that devil you called a husband. 

Kristina: Watch your tongue lady,you wont address your father as such...

Ella: don't you dare call him my father,(Ella started crying uncontrollably) a father would never do what he did to me.the painful part of it was the fact that you knew he was touching me, but because you were scared of loosing him,you kept quiet and allowed him to ruined my life

Kristina: (is seen trying hard not to cry) you don't know anything about marriage, i did what I had to do to keep a roof over your head and that of your siblings and to also provide food for you,is what every mother would have done,so what if you pay a small price for that?  Huh?

Ella: you're indeed a monster,no wonder all the men in your life choose to leave you. You.you gave me out without hesitation and never looked back,i was just fourteen, you had two of your precious daughters whom you loved so much, they were older than me,and yet you gave the useless one out,knowing very well what they would do to me . I was kept in a brothel for two years paying off your husband's debts,i was raped and humiliated. I begged God to take my life after i couldn't take it any longer . I was beaten until they thought I was dead. Afterwords, i was dumped  off by the road side and that was where it all happened, that was when i saw hope.

Kristina: i cursed the day I gave you out, but i had no choice

Ella: we all have a choice,we always do. 

Kristina : you have to help your younger brother,i cant allow him to die just like that,i swallowed my pride to come beg you,because I know  is within your power.

Ella : (laughing hysterically). Oh Kristina, i wished you fought for me like this , so your precious son needs serious medical attention and you want the daughter you never wanted to help out? Where are your precious girls and your so called loving husband? Huh?

Kristina: you think i wanted to be here crumbling at your feet? No one i know has the means to be able to help apart from you,so do something,i am not begging,i am asking you as your mother.

Ella : you are not my mother,you will never be,you'r not even remorseful for what you did to me,you have no regrets for all your actions,you didn't come here to beg for my forgiveness but rather,you came here to safe your dying son.well,i want you to know how it feels when you loose someone you love,because the night you gave me out made me feel like i have lost everything I ever wanted.

Kristina: (is seen shedding tears and crying out loud) you don't have the heart to do this,when did you become this evil? What happened to you.

Ella: you happened Kristina, you did this to me,now deal with it,i want you to leave my office now.

Watch out for the continuation!!!

Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
  • A story about a girl who was sold off to a loan shark by her mother.she survived against all odds & became successful, will she have sympathy over her family in penury & help her dying brother out??

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