16th February, 2016 Writers

Miss February 

But he felt like an organism,

That always caused cataclysm.

He vividly thought the best thing was to examine

And also felt that he shouldn’t imagine

But gotta see it was evolutionary

As a result of wanting extraordinary

But was trying to avoid causation

Without getting the real solution

He attempted making snide comments

He tried, tried and tried not to feel resentful

Heart was as heavy as a bag of cement

But has to be focused and remain wonderful

Thought of “lonely hearts” column in a magazine

Imagined a smooth ride in a long black limousine

Apparently, having multiples of million dollars

And spending cash with dignitaries of 1st class

Go together like a team in the gym,

Love in the ring, the queen and the king

But right now, it’s like raindrops falling from his eyes

Like wearing a footwear of another lengthy size

Dude, I’m stuck in the middle,

That was what he said to me

I took his words as a riddle

Cos’ they are too good not to be

What should he do? He just can’t let her go

What should I tell him too? Now, he’s feeling low

Went from falling in love to drunk and falling apart

Really a man with a troubled heart

His love shape now forms into a loop

Drowning in the love soup

He needs to be back to the limelight

But he’s still nervous and jealous

I would charge him up with a tale for the night

So he would wake up from his slumber, having her with NO LOSS.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • This write-up is about a guy that was in love, but was sceptical of losing his girl because her attention was diverted. Should he give up on the one he truly loves, NO! He would win her back!

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