19th February, 2016 Writers

So much we want

But so little correspond

The equilibrium between good and bad cannot vanish

Cause it is a natural law

The society comprises of haves and havenot

You can't fall among the benevolent

Because you are too loaded with potentials

That two things are important in life decision making process

First is to know what you want in life

While second is to do what it takes to get there

With God on your side

No hope is lost

What we pass through now

Is result of how great we gonna be

Don't let anyone bring you down

Cause "You" is the ingredient needed for your greatness

Believe in God

Believe in yourself

It is not a mistake you were born

Cause you won over many sperm cell to get here

You are for a purpose

If only you will hold onto your dream

Keep doing what you do best

Cause one day its gonna pay

When you are not criticized

It means your idea is not great enough

Hold onto it

And never let it go

Cause you are this-close"

Every greatness has a starting stage

Just like a staircase with a step

Keep moving

Cause the world isn't complete without You.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Why you need to keep the hope alive cause you have nothing to lose doing so but greatness to lose when you quit.

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