The Poo Day
24th February, 2016 Writers

As a craft person in d art of making cloth,going to the market weekly is no news.

Set off on this beautiful day to get some flashy fanciful shimmering items to finish up Tade's owanbe dress.

Right from the BRT bus,a feeling of terrible need to visit the loo ravaged m. I was sweating seriously while the speed of the bus blew so much air in. Thanks to God! Tht feeling disappeared to the thin air in a short while.

Scouting the market gives so much joy as you look here nd thr so as to get the best of trend and items. I was in d middle of this big market when this urge came again!! " Dear Lord! Is today my day of reckoning? I said to myself. I ran off to a point I could get a bike to take me to the next eatery. I ran like a newly mad fellow in my long flowing maxi dress. Yes! I got a bike. He charged double. " take me to d nearest eatery: I need to poo" I said to him. He did nd I rushed to the rest room.

The restroom door couldn't open! Locked!!  The logical explanation for this was that area boys were abt turning it to a public toilet so caution has to b made.

Well,he opened it for m nd I thanked Jehovah! Ofcos I made my tithe to him afterwards...


Lagos, Nigeria
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