The Poo Day 2
24th February, 2016 Writers

... I was relieved! I rested a while nd set out again to continue shopping. Took another bike back to Tom Jones. I bought a few items when this awkward feeling ravaged me again. Now I know this is not ordinary "I tink I might be poding" I told my self. This time,it gives me no time to look for a bike or think I can make it to the eatery again!! Even if I did,I'm sure thy won't open that restroom door for m again! Confusion sets in. Then I walked up to a woman selling stoves. " madam pls I need to visit the loo. Can u point the nearest market toilet to me? Of course she did! Then I remembered my 21st century toilet in my house! AW I wish I can bring you here now for use. The thought of using a morkaet toilet made me cry.

I followed her description and I located Tom Jones Toilet!! I enterd! Alas!! I was amazed at the level of hygiene I met  there. Running water??? Seriously!! 

I set out waiting patiently for some hoodlums to come ask for a token for as toilet charge bt  no one came. 

Went back to the woman's shop,got some flaggy,rested a while and I went straight back home.

Still some nice people in Lagos!

Lagos, Nigeria
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