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24th February, 2016 Writers

"All things bright and beautiful......."

The children choir sang out with all the joy in the world that their little hearts could contain, he sat in a corner wondering how bright and beautiful things really were and decided that life was dull and ugly but the church wouldn't let you accept it, it was their place to make you feel better about every damn situation you find yourself in even if it meant you covering up the pain of your family walking out on you because you can't satisfy their financial needs.

She couldn't take her eyes off these delightful kids and it made her heart burn with pain, unbearable plan from the death of her twin boys. Why didn't the Lord take her along with them? Why was he punishing her?. She remembered asking the pastor at the funeral if he thought God was fair in all his dealings, he didn't reply, he only opened up his arms and pulled her into a huge hug. Now God decided to torture her with the children in the church.

She placed her right hand on her chest and sang out loud with pretend happiness. She had not mentioned her cancer to anyone, she refused to accept it. She could still hear the doctor pronounce the medical verdict but that was a month ago. He said it was a stage one and it was slowly eating up her lungs, he mentioned chemotherapy but she sat there in disbelief. She had only gone in for persistent cough and wasn't expecting this bombshell. She downed her anointing oil, read her bible and prayed daily, God had to heal her if he wasn't something the church made up to make people feel better.

His eyes met with the new assistant pastor's eyes and he felt shivers go down his spine, he immediately broke their eye contact and focused on the singing children but it was hard. He didn't feel safe here after what happened last service, he had gone to use the toilet while the sermon was going on, he met the assistant pastor on his way out. He said hello and continued on his way but the man stopped him asking about his family, friends, school, girlfriend and sex. The man went ahead to smack his butt saying he was now a big boy, before he could tell the man he wasn't into this behaviour , he had him face to the toilet door and ramped his full manhood into his anus  till he came all over him.

"All things wise and wonderful, the lord God made them all......."

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Growing up with a pastor mother, the church has always been my happy place but I can't deny all the hurt and pain others bring to the church or find in the church.

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