Road 35
29th February, 2016 Photographers

Many of us are at Road 35.
Waiting for that big deal or that revolutionary change that would blow us out of the ball park of mediocrity and irrelevance. 
We stay for months and possibly years waiting for something to happen, something that may never happen. We have ideas and hopes and dreams and keep waiting, hoping and praying for money or time or someone, something to come along that will take us to where we are hoping to get to. 
Some of us wait for the government to help us get jobs. Some of us wait for our parents, some of us wait for vacancies in big companies, some of us are dying in bang-up jobs waiting for another job before we can leave. 
Some of us are waiting for bigger gear, bigger opportunities. 
Why don't you make the most of what you have now and try to create your own opportunities?
Nowadays, the patient dog doesn't get the fattest bone, it dies of hunger and starvation. If it gets the bone, it has missed the meat. The future isn't for those who wait anymore, it's what you make it. 
Granted, it's not so easy and it's definitely not going to work out the way you want it all the time. But don't let fear keep you from trying. 
Take a bold step this year. 
Maybe 2015 was your Road 35.
Get tired of waiting. 
Leave Road 35. 

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Instagram Photo/Prose series consisting of a series of messages sent by a Love-Worn lady to her absconded lover. The full story is on my IG @TheLexash

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