African Pride Picture Series - 3
3rd March, 2016 Photographers




Photography: @solaabiola MUA: @rhoziegold

Abiodun: "I am a young African lady; I hail from Ondo state; south-west Nigeria, who is passionate about children in Nigeria.0 I speak the Ondo dialect, Yoruba, English and French language.

I am a lover of the African fashion especially the fabrics. The 'Africaness' is revealed in the patterns of our prints. It's making lots of statements in today's trend. The fashion world has come to embrace the beauty of the African fashion brand, as significant development has taken place and has changed the perception of African fabrics from just being traditional to being stylish.

These days we see celebrities who wear solely African prints to notable events, Africans at large are feeling more comfortable in wearing them as casual wears. African fabrics has gone beyond just the wears but they are also made into bags, jewelries, footwears, and the likes. I so much love the fusion of eccentricity into the African fabrics. African drums are another aspect of the African heritage that I cannot but talk about. I almost ventured into learning how to drum, but that is a tale for another day.

They are iconic of Africa and ancient as they may be, they are still very relevant in our present world. I love the 'gan-gan' (Talking drum), when it's being played I can't but let my body sway to its beat. Some notable examples are Djembe, Sabar and Bougarabou."

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Lagos, Nigeria
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