African Pride Picture Series - 4
3rd March, 2016 Photographers




Photography: @solaabiola

MUA: @rhoziegold

@rhoziegold : "My name is Roselyn Titilayo (née Ojo, now Mrs Adesola), from Oyo state; Oyo town to be precise. I am #AfricanAndProud.

African women are known to be strong, vibrant, independent, intelligent, hardwoking, passionate and more. My yoruba culture is rich, I speak yoruba very well and I can do little conversations in Hausa and Igbo. I am from the family of Ayanbiyi, which is the reason why I dance so well - ask my close friends they will tell you how I can steal the dance floor from a bride. I love Owanbe!!! The 'gángan' (talking drum) is the symbol of the Ayans, and it's right in my Dad's sitting room (symbolic); the gangan was also the design of my traditional wedding cake.

And, oh I love African delicacies; Amala with gbegiri and ewedu is a yes for me anytime, anyday. Igbo's 'ogbono' is one of my favourites also. Edikaikong gives me life, Ofada rice and the stew is oh la la! And YES, efo riro is irreplaceable especially with plenty 'èmí' (snail, ponmo, plenty 'irú' - locust beans, fish etc). I love cooking. Music lives in me. Family is everything. I am beautiful and I love God."




Photography: @solaabiola

MIA: @rhoziegold

@teewhy15 : "My name is Oyebisi Oyelekan Oluwatayo - from Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. Yoruba people (Àwa ọmọ Yorùbá) have a rich culture some of which includes our mode of dressing, our diverse musical instruments which enriches our cultural events. The Yorubas have legendary types of clothes that make us distinct from other cultures around the world. We take immense pride in our attires for which we are well known. Clothing materials traditionally come from processed cotton by traditional weavers. We believe that the type of clothes worn by a man depicts his personality and social status, and that different occasions require different outfits. Looking at this image, I am dressed as a westerner but basically what differentiates me from the western world is my cultural heritage. Anywhere I find myself, I always long to be home again. Home is where the heart is."

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Lagos, Nigeria
  • Celebrating African Culture

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