Ankara Shirt- Dress

Yep... It's not skirt and blouse. It's a shirt dress. Well the amazing thing about this dress is, it serves as a causal piece and a corporate outfit and this is how you can switch the looks.

The dress comes with a reversible belt from both Ankara fabrics and can be tied on the side of the desired fabric by the wearer, hence with the belt it serves as a corporate outfit that can be rocked to work on a FridayšŸ¤“
Then the flip side, ditch the belt to have free flowing shirt- dress for a casual look. 

Now, the fabric weren't picked randomly. This dress, beginning from the choice of fabrics, colours and style; swallowed dozens of opinions from our professional tailor, our creative director, assistant and sponsor. We are happy it came out fabulously chic. 

We are on our second round of production cos the first set sold out. So order your asap before we run out of fabrics and supplies.

Plus our plus size model did justice to the dress with the right attitude and poses. More pictures please for your viewing pleasurešŸ˜ 
Abuja, Nigeria
  • Our multipurpose shirt dress made out of two dynamic African prints is stylishly mind blowing... See more photos

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