Jumping Horse Kimono

Well we dropped our teaser post on our Instagram handle, @CyrusClothing, and the response was mind blowing. Plus there is a story behind our delay in flagging off our January collection.

Our Creative Director wore one of our African Print Kimono before its unveiling and guess what?😱 It sold out! 

Everybody wanted one and we didn't say no. So we had to sell and make new ones for our photo shoot. 

The Jumping Horse is an outstanding and popular print that has stood the test of time in fashion and we figured, why not make kimonos out of them? The outcome was FaBuLouS🙅🏾 Rocking a kimono with an African print is breathtaking.
Abuja, Nigeria
  • Here, we used the dynamic and timeless African fabric, the jumping horse print, to make a fabulous Kimono.

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