8th March, 2016 Writers

In a world where 

Anything is possible 

We can be anything 

We want to be 

Cos we are all 

Made entirely of flaws

only stitches together 

With good intentions 

In a world where 

Anything is possible 

Sometimes i wonder

If there's any hope 

Left somewhere in our world 

It's get darker

Before the dawn they say

But how many will

Get to see the long awaited dawn?

In a world where 

Anything is possible 

we were all driven 

By our very own muse 

Too selfish to care bout another 

And yet we are fighting 

For the same cause 

Sometimes war would 

Bound us together 

Toughen and strengthen us 

Make us believe in each other 

in a world where anything 

Is possible,love and unity 

Would makes us whole 


Lagos, Nigeria
  • In a world where anything is possible....we can be whatever we wanna be if we work together

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