I miss her
9th March, 2016 Writers

I do miss her so much, the times we spent together
We went to all the exotic places together
And dined with the likes of Gucci and Luis Vuitton
I realized how much I needed her when she left
How even my friends left me because she left
She is cheating on me now with some other guy
She played me real good because I played around with her
She messed with my head so hard because I couldn't help but show off
But I did take her serious so I wish she would say she was just joking
I would tell you her name so just in case you see her
Let her know I miss her cause we have got the best of captured moments and cause her sister always welcomed me when I went to see her
She'd say "Welcome, please enter your pin" cos she gave me her key
People envied us together, saying we looked pretty good
Pls help me find money cos I miss her so much

Oyo, Nigeria
  • Its about my ex. I realized how much I needed her only when she left. What do I do?

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