Black bird
13th March, 2016 Writers

I dared you to be your one and only

But you broke your promise by making us legions

I kept mine by walking away the moment I found out

It's all my fault, i threw away everything I had and came to you like a crazy woman,crazy enough to fall for you who is still in search of a good time

A double faced is what you've become,trying to prove to everybody what you'r not

You who became a black bird that needed to fly

You who gave up your old habits for love and thought you were doing me a favor

You who willingly threw me to the the wolves To be torn apart without hesitation

You who wished me evil

You who prayed for my adversity

You who vile for my misfortune

You who promised me a sorrowful end

You who painted me as a materialistic character

You who wanted to take a ride of me even though you knew it was over

I wasn't wrong when I thought you love me,i wasn't just crazy enough to see that it wasn't deep

You wrote a script and you played it well

I wish it was all a dream,i thought i could wake up from the time before I knew you

It is obsolete when though sayest, i am good looking,i need nothing

I can go after the affluent if i want to,be cautious of those who fall in love with beauty, deepness lacks foundation in such love

I tenaciously refused to be weigh down by your cruel words even in a world full of evil and terror

I've got the light that will take me to tranquility, alluring and luxurious dwelling

I wish you nothing but good fortune because you have become someone i used to know.

Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
  • A poem full of betrayal, deceit and pretence

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