Every Woman Is Beautiful
13th March, 2016 Makeup Artists

At SIGNATUREBYMIZPEEE we have a belief that every WOMAN is beautiful,it only takes the right eyes to see it and right hands to enhance. This makes Us understand that makeup Artistry isn't only about painting faces, it is about making our CLIENT see another side of HER amazing feminine personality so even after the makeup is washed off, all SHE sees is a BEAUTIFUL, STRONG and CONFIDENT WOMAN who knows her worth and is totally aware she can take the world if she wants. 

Our distinct services : 

-Everyday/bridal makeup ✔️


- Training ✔️

- Bead Making✔️

- sales of makeup products

Oyo, Nigeria
  • Makeup by @signaturebymizpeee Photography by @felixcrown Hair by @mstars_

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