The Silence
15th March, 2016 Writers

This words,

I hear them in your silence,

Amidst the dearth of emotions,

Its sound is loud and clear,

Erupting to be elusive,

of this war waiting in askance.


Emotions hesitant to unsheathe,

Loose or win there shant be a winner,

Win or loose the story remains same.

Scare of the uncertain, binds to silence,

A silence Filled with a free flow of expressions

Of words said unsaid.


Eyes and thoughts sets further away,

A sweet escape, to be lost in the ocean,

Ocean of thoughts!

So much to see in a self absorbed reverie of self discovery,

In a loud cry to be saved, in a to be or not to be image

of your creation.


Silence unburdened by timing,

Its greatest nemesis, crafted by colours of


Speaks in so many/all languages,

Yet consent is the vocabulary clearly understood.

The consent spoken by timing.

And timing we shall never have.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • We say so much in silence, yet giving consent to uncertainty leaving life to jeopardy.

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