African High School Vol 1
26th March, 2016 Models

Africa is not just famous alone for her exclusive, fascinating ample cultures & resources,also for her ingenious spiffy fashion & lifestyle which  has been reserved  & evolve within time. has taking shape to a blossom forth of the most aesthetic fascinating nation in terms of fashion, culture & lifestyle (pride). 

Nature is powerful when it comes to depth expression of beauty and her grunges. I say it lightly when I say photography is much more than a click of the shutter and every pose is a walk in imagination inspired by differences,happiness lies not in the destination but in the journey and good enough is not good enough because we always do better.

So believe me when I say to us exceptional photography is an expression of life.



Project director:The Acting Capital Territory

Coordinator/Stylist: Official_Teety

Models: Holla2ng and SOS Models

Costume Designer: Tailor Loron

Photography: @WalkingPicturesNg

For more information contact:

Whatsapp :09050392818

Abuja, Nigeria
  • African High Sch Vol 1 Africa is not just famous alone for her uniqueness; her creative genius has been reserved by time itself. Nature is powerful when it comes to African expression of beauty.

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