16th March, 2016 Writers

Somehow, life seems to take you through the same path
Somehow, everyone turns out to be the person they warned you about
Somehow,you are always the victim
Somehow,you always end up with the same scar

Somehow,life has nothing new to offer
Somehow,you always wished things were different
Somehow,you wish people are who they say they are
Somehow,you wonder why people are not who they say they are

Somehow,you fall for the same type of people
Somehow,people chastise you
Somehow,they fail to understand your person
Somehow,they don’t just get it
Somehow,it is what it is

Somehow,you wish life was better
Somehow,you wish you were a different person
Somehow,you wish life did not have to treat you this way
Somehow,you wish people cared for you more
Somehow,you wish you did not care so much

Somehow,people always take so much from you bit by bit
Somehow,they just can’t take it all. Because,
Somehow,you just have so much to give
Somehow,you just cannot stop giving
Somehow,the more they take,the more you give

Somehow,you feel like it might be coming to an end
Somehow,another attempt fails; yet again
Somehow,you think you push too hard
Somehow,you think you did not push enough
Somehow,you just turn you back and walk away

Somehow,you wake up again after all the somehow’s
And you somehow do it all over again
Because, in the end, it is all worth it ;

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Somehow, life takes us through the same path Somehow, we just never get it

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