Desperate Hearts
17th March, 2016 Writers

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The heart is said to be responsible for our emotional acts, yet it becomes broken and desperate. Coping with love and friendship, what can be much more important to you?

The heart is a fragile organ of the human body. Anatomically vital is its ability to pump and supply blood to the other organs and tissues of the body. The sole responsibility simply put the heart plays an important role in giving life.

This organ function plays more than just a scientific role in the body, it is also largely responsible for our emotional state of mind, has an effect on our lifestyle, our actions and our dealings with others in rapt ways.

Reading about the heart function brought me in contact with these words from an article by Daily Graphic in Ghana, "The next time you are tempted to hit your chest remember you are hitting an organ which can decide to stop just like that irrespective of who you are." These led me thinking that sometimes, most times we have no control over what our heart chooses, such marvellous mechanism is why you have a predilection for things and those around.

Ever wondered about the fulfilment in your heart, the enthusiasm, when your loved one calls you and says these simple words 'I love you', the delight of constantly wanting and looking at the one you care about, yet that same feeling dies almost immediately when it is being attacked.

Scientifically when the heart stops beating, a cardiac arrest, for the period of 2 minutes if help comes quickly, the heart is relieved, but if not death results. In a similar vein an emotional death springs from an heartbreak, desperation, where there is no quick relief, sudden emotional distress.

A look back into my best friend's life with Dear Tayo years ago provides a fair transparent glimpse into this. Sarah is a beautiful maiden of God's creation, not because of her outward appearance, but her inner beauty and character was appreciated by all.

Sarah was left paralysed with the venom of broken communication for 5 months. After having been in a locked prison of a relationship, all she got was a phone call from her ex-fiancé that he was no longer interested in being with her, no excuses given, no idea as to if Sarah went wrong, just a halt to 3 years love life.

Still in shock and in an attempt to walk away from home, she wheeled herself into the street setting out to the unknown. A car stopped in front of her, a lift, it was Tayo, an old friend from work, who just moved into the neighbourhood. Tayo saw in her a need for company and he suggested a hang out, his place, his treat. Sarah had not had a good meal in 2 days now, Jollof spaghetti and fried fish did wonder that day.

They spoke about virtually everything, life in school, life at work, old neighbourhood, relationships status; I guess her vulnerability developed at that discussion. Sarah opened her heart to him, Dear Tayo did same. This kind gesture led to the depravity of her morals and freedom for Sarah, somewhat I think her heart created for her.

Sarah's lameness soon had a new face filled with ecstasy. In time the urges between her thighs were duly satisfied by Tayo, day after day as the heart yearned. I sit every weekend hoping she would tell me about the new change but nothing from her. Tayo would come in and kiss me sweetheart yet says nothing. Sarah's cardiac arrest has being relieved, arrhythmia smiles at me.

Toiling with a blow to the chest is a risk to the heart. When one is deficient of affection, locking the heart away predisposes you with low immunity, a desperate lifestyle. It is only a matter of time and those walls would crumble. When you look finally across, remember you either run into the first thing you recognise and miss or it runs into you.

Such was the case of Sarah and Dear Tayo, what about me? I am heartbroken, desperate, but what would my heart gain? When?





Lagos, Nigeria
  • My Lover's Betrayal with my bestfriend

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