Desperate Hearts Episode 2
22nd March, 2016 Writers


Dear Tayo and I knew each other thanks to an old family friend tree; you know these words like mum knows the brother of his aunt that lives with the great-grandfather that is late that married your uncle's wife, that kind of annoying story. 

Well, my aunt told me about Dear Tayo, he called and we started talking, within 1 year we were really close. I saw potential issues yet I ignored them like they did not rise up. I would go out with Tayo whether to the movies or the studio or for lunch by weekends or wherever and he would always ask for cash from me. 

At first I took it as a support thing but in time it was more than that. I gave gifts when necessary, to make him see that I was not into him because of his money.

Days would pass and Tayo would not call me, nor come see me after work, days turned into weeks and then months. Oh my friend Sarah, I would cry to her for comfort, she would pat my back and take a hot drink with me for relief. Little did I know that she was killing me; they say those who know you destroy you better. I convinced myself that Dear Tayo's behaviour was a product of a stressful work day even after knowing the truth. I called day by day, and when he would not pick up, I leave a goodnight text. My heart was already torn, I opened my heart so quickly, and I fell so flat that I cannot feel my legs now.

Tears rolled down my eyes the day I saw Sarah and Dear Tayo going into room 122 of Exclusive Hotel, the same room Dear Tayo promised to share with me before our 7th month anniversary. What annoys me is, he did not remember that we had that date.

Sarah soon had surgery, appendectomy; I stayed with her and supported her in the hospital all through, in cash and in care. Dear Tayo seemed to be feeling sad any time he came to see her; I finally saw a chance to reach out. I invited him over at our last phone call, he accepted my offer.

I could not manage it, even after inviting him over, he came in high on alcohol. He looked straight in my eyes and said he was not tipsy yet his gait gave him away.

Dear Tayo would not eat even after all the stress I went through preparing pounded yam and vegetable soup, his favourite. I tried asking him questions hoping he'll finally tell me about him and Sarah; he ignored and said he was tired. He went straight to my bed; I sat with him hoping he'll speak. I was confused; he was all on his phone, giggling as he saw snap chat videos and damn on my bed, in my room, at my place. He should have just stayed at Sarah's hospital bed, why accept my invite?

I decided to spice the room up, I started using my legs to play with him, stroking his body hoping probably he'll play with me and we could talk. He told me to stop, but I thought he'll come around and we'll kiss and make up. He busted, took my phone from my hand, and smashed it on the floor. Damn my phone, the screen, and look he's walking out, packing his stuffs from my house.

I got wrapped up in my violent world that just created in my mind, thinking this real life was stranger than my dreams. My hands reached out for my bottle of perfume and I threw it straight at him as he bent to wear his shoes in the sitting room.

Now the whole room scent of my olive perfume, the fragrance mixing with the smell of blood oozing out of Dear Tayo's head on the white tiles.

I feel no kind of agitation regarding what happened. There seems to be no greater joy than seeing that Dear Tayo is on the floor unconscious. He'll finally hear all I have to say to him.

My heart finally beats normally, no palpitations, no tremors, just the very normal cardiac rhythm.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A lover's Tale after Best friends Betrayal

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