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I am the eater of your lies, you know nothing of my existence but I am there to feed on your secrets and lies and feel them settle in my rotund belly.

I was there when you started having sex with your wife’s 16 year old sister, feeding her with all kinds of material gifts to keep her quiet.

Did you not feed me that tasty secret of your five abortions which rendered you unable to have a child and still you make me gorge on the lies you tell your husband as you create a fake medical report stating you fit and fertile.

I swallowed the lie of your livelihood when you told your family that you had a job in a bank, they had no idea that you were one of the children of the night, selling your young, nubile body to the highest bidder.

I crunched the bones of the secret you kept when you got married but still kept on deceiving that lady who stayed with you for five years, that was a very tasty meal.

The soup of lies you made for me was one of the best I had ever had when you beat your wife to death and claimed that she died from a fall down the staircase.

Your lies are the reason I exist, so have your secrets, keep your lies, they are the reason I exist.

But beware, as I swallow more and more of your secrets, I would have to vomit some of them to take in more, so your lies and secrets are just a temporary visitor in my ever hungry belly.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • A short prose on lies and consequences

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