Yoruba Demon
31st March, 2016 Writers

I'm not a fan of Toke Makinwa but this time,she hits d nail on the head on this issue. In her recent vlog,she described what a Yoruba demon is nd I just wanna share my lil experience as well. Don't get it twisted! I'm Yoruba as well but these Demons are actually demons.

Let's call him Tade. I met Tade on my way out one sunny day! He offered me a ride and we got talking hence.

Our first date was somewhere in Phase 1. Very nice nd expensive place. The second was another exquisite place while the third was @ d beach. In his mind,he has swept me off my feet so I can date him now! He nvr  even said he wanted to date me! He said *marry*. He told me that on my 3rd day of meeting him which also happend to be day we had d 3rd date! 

Let me not pretend I didn't enjoy those outings. I did!! In fact i wish it nvr  stopped. Immediately I heard d word *marry*,I knew I just met a Yoruba Demon! In 3days,he wants to marry m. He said has a property man. Wht does that even mean? Thats like another name for joblessness! All I see him do is make long calls,persuade people but it nvr clicked. 

Now how possible can a man be able to sell land worth millions of naira as a one man body with no office,registerd company or staff. I know whr  to go if I need plots of land in lekki. Not to meet one random man. All these balls down to d fact that he has no job as far as I'm concerned.

He told me he got an apartment in Lekki but he hasn't moved in cos he needs money to make d house to his taste bfr he starts living there.  Approximately, he got d house two months back nd he still hasn't moved in! Who does that!! When I got my apartment,I had noting! I moved in like that nd things fell in place. Thats another Yoruba demon trick! Make me believe he had a proper house. I'm sure he was renovating tht place for one of his clients.

A week aft I met him,he became so broke he comes to my place to eat free food. I couldn't comprehend it! This time last week u were @ one not very cheap lounge.Now I'm feeding u!! Isn't this false life of glamour terrible!

In 3days,he wants to marry m.  In fact called d mum in my presence indicating he found a wife. That's in one week!! 

He makes it his resopnsibility to go to every wedding he heard off nd he must wear new cloth for each. So I wonder again where he got d money from. D last time I checked,I fed him.

Well,till now he hasn't parked to d lekki house. He hasn't closed any deal. BT he still got his nice look,car nd very captivating Yoruba Demon charm.

He insisted I tell my peeps about him. I cnt  imagine myself reasoning like a chicken like him. I declined! Told him I don't do tinz like that.(2weeks of meeting). I made some stern clarification which made him sad. I wouldn't even date u in 2weeks let alone marry. 

Then he started asking me for money. Buy fuel for me na! U know we run errands togeda wt my car. Do u have up to 5k there,... That's d final straw. I dismissed him for life!!


Lagos, Nigeria
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