You and I
2nd April, 2016 Writers


You & I, oh so easy to come about

Like a hen to a cock, meet and make chicks

You & I can meet and make babies

What use is there if we know not?

Know not what affection is now until then?

Look! A dog searching it’s environ

Finds a suitable dog, make puppies and move along

This natural feeling I display

Find an apt when I delve into my environ

Chemically and emotionally viable a future

You and I cannot come about

Not ‘cos of a Previous mistake

Like a cat loving one owner today

I loved you yesterday

Loving another after the legal

Tomorrow a legal change of ownership

I created comfort now and here where I stand

Why then should I return?

All I have might not be here

I wish for more on the next move

A million of you ought not to comprehend

A choice is made

No lock up in a plastic bag to suffocate 

Want to be wrapped in cellophane

Sure of my pick up

Lagos, Nigeria
  • ...analysing why you and I,

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