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1st April, 2016 Writers

Maybe it’s time we know

Of how life’s supposed to go

How we should take in its aspect ratio

I’m looking to rhyme with this so....

I can do nothing less than move with this flow

And make us understand our status quo


We never seem to know

The requirements for us to grow

Or where our seats are in the row

Not speaking of where we should sow

Or what we have to outgrow

And the avoidance of tales which are faux


Instead we move recklessly to and fro

Looking for areas to display our show

One hardly prepared for in moments of solo

All because we’re looking to be heroes

Or rather the kind that society bellows

Stringing us along with insecurity’s cellos


We forget life’s expertise in Judo

Its ability to catch us unawares by a throw

Some trade exchanges with Life for every blow

Others give up and accept the story of John Doe

Preparing for their trip into inadequacy below

To live in an equivalent of Inception’s limbo

I feel like I’m losing track on the knowledge to bestow

So instead with some idioms I’ll avoid an undertow

Before tackling life get your ducks in a row

Because each coming day would be a tougher row to hoe

So it’s always best to have many strings to your bow

Who better than to be the devil you know?

Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • A little silly sneakpeek into vowel rhythms

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