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We raced as far as we could. Aside the loud screams from a voice that sounded like that of the cemetery's security, we heard some other ones. It sounded like a riot or that from a melee.
We dared not turn back.

Just before we reached the gate, Mimie felt a force hit her. She fell and started panting. She moved as though she was struggling with something. I unsuccessfully tried to steady her. Her strength was double of mine. I tried in vain. I shouted her name and shook her vigorously.

All of sudden, she became still, and opened her eyes. I helped her up and we hurried out of the premises. There was something totally different as we journeyed home. Mimie's eyes were the same but it caught an entirely dissimilar appearance. Her eyeballs seemed to have gone deeper in their sockets.

We got home safely. Only that safety is now relative. Mimie didn't utter any word since the incident at the cemetery. Unusual. I became worried... and scared.

I asked for the envelope and she handed it over. For more than 5 minutes, I stared at it with mixed and confused thoughts. I wanted to know the content but I was afraid of what might happen.

I manned up and slowly opened it. It read;

"I only had to wait for 10days. I knew you would come. You should have come alone but you brought her. That remains your undoing. I have chosen her.

Evil Never Dies.

I am back."

I blinked in disbelief. Is this real? I turned to tell Mimie. She wasn't there.

Then suddenly I felt something hit me from behind. I woke up to realize I passed out.

I have been a prisoner for 3 years and counting. I can't shout or scream. I have no tongue. I have no voice. In a room, 5 times my height. No windows. Just a skylight above me. I hear Mimie's steps but Grandpa's voice.

Now I understand.

Mimie is now Grandpa.


Rivers, Nigeria
  • The Undead Never Dies

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