Tribute to Seyi Baba Tee korede
6th April, 2016 Writers

How do you write about a life that touched you in more ways than you can remember?
How do you celebrate a life that gave selflessly?
How do you eulogize a person that sought not to glory in his good deeds?
How do you extol the virtues of a man who lived in simplicity?
How do you comprehend a life, so short but yet so alluring?
How do you appreciate a man who gave, who could never stop giving and always saw it as normal: nothing extra ordinary?
How do you deal with this loss?
How do you deal with this pain?
How do you deal with this hurt?


Baba tee,
You lived a short life, with so many things unaccomplished
You left, with the world yet unconquered
You left, with so many dreams unfulfilled
You left us, with pain in our hearts and sorrow in our souls

The life you lived
The people you touched
The smile you always wore on your face
Your white beards
And the love that you gave us all
We will never forget

The life you lived, however short
Touched us all greatly
The selfless life you lived
We will run with
The love and kindness you showed despite all the difficulties
Will teach us that we all are capable of love and kindness
No matter our challenges and struggles

It is impossible to extol all your virtues
But with love and humility, hurt and sorrow in our hearts
Seyi Baba Tee Korede,

Lagos, Nigeria
  • To a friend and a big brother. Love you always Egbon mi.

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