The Island
16th April, 2016 Writers

No man is an island

People usually say 

Most times, this is the speech 

When from yu; they need the naira or rand 

And into yur court they now stray 

On to yu they cling like a leech 

But I know every man is his own island 

Surrounded by canoes 

Bringing or taking away seeds 

Cause treasures are in their sand 

This is no new news 

Only the fit & courageous usually get their needs 

Man; an island surrounded by canoes 

Some for the fun or the sun 

& then dry just to never stay 

But stray as back they row to other venues 

Looking for same joys rather see jolt & stun 

No more sun or beaches, nor even a ray.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Man is an island. I guess somebody lied!!!

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