Princess and the frog or a tale of an okpolor
16th April, 2016 Writers

So there I was one night in the pond (stagnant water) that I shared with three other okpolors them. We were just there, croaking our lives away and playing who go chop fly pas as usual. All of a sudden the breeze blew some words towards us. The aproko the breeze does ehn!  Anyway, this time it brought to us ‘princess’, ‘frog’, ‘kiss’, ‘turned’, and  ‘handsome prince’. Usually, me and my okpolors them friends don’t pay the breeze any attention but on this night, I did. 

Like they say, ‘curiosity kills the cat’, but as I am an okpolor, curiosity cannot dare, plus my liver na stone, at least so I thought. So I started to croak those words over and over again till it was all that croaked forth from my insides. The okpolors them didn’t send me. In fact, they get to swallow up more insects and as such couldn’t be bothered if I bailed out on the game for some cheap aproko from the breeze.

Time to sleep and I couldn’t. I eventually did but not without those words occupying all of an okpolor’s mind. In fact, I think I croaked those words in my sleep. To crown it all, I even dreamt about those words. I woke up determined (in the voice of Kanu Nwankwo) to make my dream come true. What do an okpolor like me know? Nothing but to croak and eat insects I hear you say. But you weren’t there then, maybe you would have warned me off.

There was this girl called princess. She stayed not so far from our stagnant water. In fact I think the stagnant water originated from her house. So you can call us neighbors, but she hardly ever acknowledges us. I blame her? Then it hit me: just like those teardrops that fall from the sky occasionally with no warnings do; I wee show myself to princess, get her to kiss me and bam, likeydat, I wee turn to prince.With that I waited for her to come back from where she goes to every morning to return in the afternoon. Stupid me! I told the okpolors them my plan. If you hear how they croakingly hailed me ehn!  I felt like I was on top of the world o, but it turned out it was actually the leaf I usually sat on. Shame! As soon as she was in sight (back home), the okpolors them started to croak signal to me. I hopped like okpolor on spring timberlands to princess’ house. I even considered croaking in my sexiest baritone but I decided against it. I wanted a quiet entrance.

Omo! Her house na different matter o! I think I constantly hopped myself to being lost, eventually, I got to her room. I hid under the bed till night, and then I positioned myself under her pillow. My princess babe finally showed ready for bed. This was my moment. She would raise the pillow, see me, pick me up, kiss me, viola! I turn fine man. (I know I cannot be a prince so I went with the most realistic one.)  It took her forever to raise the pillow up. All the while my heart was beating to the tune of Tekno’s Duro. 

Finally, she raised the pillow up. Aaaaaaaaaaah! She screamed. That should have been my cue to hop out of the house jeje but okpolor like me thought that was what humans do. You know, we the okpolors croak, so I figured it was their thing. I stayed feeling funky with my Duro heartbeat that was now becoming normal. It was when the pillow in her hand landed near my left feet that I realized, that would have been pain inna me left feet. Realizing the situation, I hopped like a speeding hover board out of her room and house. I stopped for a moment, just in time to see her entire household rush into her room armed to a strand of hair. All deez for an okpolor? I felt flattered.

I hopped back to our stagnant water to meet the okpolors them croaking and playing who go chop fly pas. They croakingly asked me what happened but I claimed baddo saying I changed my mind and princess wouldn’t know my worth. Just then, aproko breeze decided to spoil show. This time he brought the words ‘okpolor in princess’ room’, ‘search everywhere’, and ‘kill the okpolor’. The way the three okpolors them laughed at me ehn! Mehn, it was bad! I hung my head in shame. They even turned it to a croak song.

 I had to leave the stagnant water. It’s not because of the okpolors them o. It’s because aproko breeze brought the words ’clear’, ‘stagnant water’, and ‘tomorrow’, a day after the incident. So, this okpolor’s got to change location. The okpolors  them went about croaking my gist to every okpolor around. So now, okpolors all over the world croak that croak song in mockery of me, most especially after it has rained. What do I care? I am famous and I am not done with princess. Oh no! Not yet. Or maybe I am. After all I am just an or-di-nary okpolor trying to live my okpolor life to the fullest.

The End.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • There is always something new from the old, it's a matter of perspective. For those of you who don't know what OKPOLOR means, it's simply a term for frog. Happy reading!

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