Turbans are versatile head coverings that can be styled and worn in many ways. They date back to the first century BC, when they were worn mostly by men including soldiers. I even read that a king wore a turban to cover his donkey ears…..lol (story for another day).

These days, turbans are worn mostly by women irrespective of their age and status. They provide full head coverage thus, they are ideal for concealing short hair, ‘rough hair’ or even hair loss. They can be worn casually, with cooperate wears, cocktail dresses, church wears, aso ebi et al.

Turbans can be dressed up with feathers, brooches, fascinators, roses, jewelries, beads etc.

At Elizabeth’s, we make turbans of different sizes and materials that are comfortable and ideal for every occasion, including easy to wear turbans for people who find it difficult tying head wears.

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Turban styling and designs

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