My Sister
20th April, 2016 Writers
Over the years...
I have come to realise a lot of things
From the boy I was
To the man I am

Over the years
I have seen a lot and heard enough
From things going on around and within

Over the years
I have watched you grow
From our time as children
To the amazing woman that you are

Your love for family is unquestionable 
Your love for your siblings; unfathomable
Your love for God;uplifting

Over the years
I have watched you put family first
Over and over again
You have done this without a flinch

Your drive and zest to make things better
To make people around you comfortable
Makes things feel better

You have let go and let God
And that is what you have been living by

Your children shall wake up and call you blessed
You shall be the crown on your husbands head...
May God bless the works of your hands...

You shall be like a corner stone 
Polished after the similitude of a palace.....

You are an inspiration 
You are a role model
You are my siste
Lagos, Nigeria
  • She's a BLESSING....

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