Do you Understand Me
25th April, 2016 Writers
Most days I wait for the popularly known 17:59 to get off work and find the next best thing to intoxicate me, other days I grab a flask and pour in my choice of fear-numbing liquid especially if the day started early with late mails from the night before. My preferred dialect on some days, spirits, when I get tired of living in my body.Other days I speak wine just because I want to feel french.
I am an alcoholic,Je boi de l'√°lcool . Do you understand me?

Faces don't matter to me anymore, as far as I can see what makes a woman one, her final destination is a bed, any at that. I'm never around till morning, she's never around till morning, just because variety is the spice of life.
I don't have sex all the time but I try to beat my own record of one or two a day most of the time. These days I find that women are not enough for me,so I slowly progress to search for transgenders, best of both worlds.The miracles of science.
Sex is at the bottom of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs. Do you understand this?

I love love, I have loved the idea of love from the first time i met love. I have loved the crazy, the sane, the hungry, the satisfied, the kind-hearted and beast alike.You would think that I had a preference of who to love,but no, I just wanted to love regardless of who or what. I've enjoyed ironically the two-edged sides of love, broken hearts and collywobbles. I hunger for more as i believe there's something in the middle.
Still grasping what this could mean,but do you?

If you have no answer to the questions above, don't judge me.
If you don't understand what I speak, don't pretend to.
If you have not loved then you must be an Alien.
Lagos, Nigeria
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