Maternity Shoot VICTOR
25th April, 2016 Photographers

Mr & Mrs MORDI.

Our story was awesome the way God safely delivered us a bouncing baby boy VICTOR . Initially we already had baby girl Alfred also cute and adorable moreorless like VICTOR, the story behind our success safe delivery was God intervention.



darling, doctor just confirmed to me that I am pregnant. immediately I tell God I want a baby Boy to complement Alfred.


Mr Ferdinand 

That's was the sweet message given to me by my beautiful wife Mabel Mordi on a stressful day after long work in the office. Immediately I was relieved from the stress of the day I called her in again and tell her to replay the news she told me when I first came in from the office. As exact as she said it so I narrate the same to Alfred but I sense that happiness in her like soonest she will have a young one but praying to be a baby Boy. Since the arrival of Victor to our family believe me life has become a change level.

Mr & Mrs. Mordi

Story compiled by Mr Ferdinand Mordi 

History rewrited by: @mdgphotostudio

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Maternity Shoot of a baby Boy VICTOR

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