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I was fourteen

when she cautioned,

taught me

But I refused.

Fourteen years later,

In teen sneakers and jersey tops

I ran into the streets of the white man,

laughing in my land of honey

I learnt their wordsignoring mine,

Then i grew older,

satisfied of my achievements

I heard the news from home

How sick she was,

my heart heavy

In sixteen weeks i ran

trying to restore her health with modern tools,

Consulting the best medicines.

then i dreamt,

The flattery of my ignorance staring at me.

pointing to a far land filled with my skins

I took the flight home

Welcomed by my people

Who spoke a language I couldnot understand

amazed by their ways and knowledge rotten in beliefs.

I was told of a medicine, 

in the ancient city of thunder

in midst mountains,

but i didnot know the place.

with the language absurd, the people alien

the priest looked at me with pity

Wondering what creature i am.

To ignore my path,

The roots of my being.

in acceptance of a false truth.

Now am running,

With an MBA in my name

In black suits and rolex watch,

Hearing the tick of time,

i can not speak,  

cant understand 

yet she dies,

i should have understood 

i should have listened

To an education.

Lagos, Nigeria
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