An Apology Serenade - The MashUp
3rd May, 2016 Events Planners


Click play and enjoy. [All sounds made by the human voice and mouth]

He messed up and called us in to do an Apology Serenade... 

We showed up and made it EPIC!!!

- Choice of songs:     Two befitting songs from two iconic Nigerian artistes (Olamide and PSquare)

- Delivery Style:          MASH UP

- Delivery Medium:    Pure Acapella (all sounds made by the human voice and mouth) 

- The Result:                  well.... you be the judge!


We are Nino Charmaine 

and Serenades is what we do

Origin of this Story/Serenade (Yea the Origin Story) - Meet Our Serenaders - The Project

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At Nino Charmaine, We plan & execute Creative, Heart-Warming, Sweet, Jaw-Dropping Surprise SERENADES for any occasion or out of the blues using music, arts, decor, flowers, spoken words, dance & more.

Our winning Serenades and Enamoured Surprises Services are offered for a wide range of occasions and gestures. Each Serenade is custom designed based on the client’s needs, resources and the recipient’s personality. For the records – our Serenades are not for females or lovers only, our Serenades cater to every individual (male, female, young adults and the matured), plus we do breath-taking Phone Serenades.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Meaningful Apologies is part of what we do and trust us, you'd be thankful (esp the guys). The FIRST ever pure Acapella MASHUP in Nigeria... Melo Melo (Olamide) & Sari Sari (PSquare) Acapella MashUp.

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