Rest In Peace my diamond model
3rd May, 2016 Photographers

I never got to say goodbye regina. i cant believe you just left me here. we were going to make it to the top together.  you were one of my major sources of inspiration and you just left me here like that. I cant stop thinking about you. all the photoshoots we had that went viral. I had just got home like two weeks ago and i was thinking of calling you sometime this week so we could work again. from the first day we met during the zahara models look book shoot, to every shoot inetween till now. i remember every single detail of our friendship. it hurts so much to think youre actually gone. this is the first time im losing someone close to me and its so sad. I will miss you so much regina. when i get to where our precious lord wants me to be. i wi;ll remember you and smile, knowing that without you i would have never been what i am today. I love you regina. I'll see you soon. I love you always.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • a sort of last goodbye to regina

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