Emotional Intelligence
6th May, 2016 Writers

Our Emotions only makes us human….
It is the power of our innermost expressions….
Those expressions that words cannot 
The expressions that comes from deep within your soul….
Deep within you…
Your very soul
Your very existence…..

What happens when these emotions are abused…
What happens when these emotions are taken for granted
What happens when you give your very self but it’s not enough….
What happens when its thrown back in your face...

Being who we are...
We tend to fail at so many things in life…Academics...

We just cannot separate who we are from the emotions that we feel and ultimately express…

An abused emotion can ultimately turn out to be an abused life…
We put so much in expressing our 
In even feeling whatever it is that we feel…
And for whatever reason, this is abused.

We feel the whole world crumbling like a pack of cards….

I have been abused emotionally so many times that I don’t even know what to feel anymore….

I don't even understand when and how to feel right anymore…. 
I don’t know any more if my feelings now are of lust or love….

I had two experiences that in my own understanding and interpretation , my emotions were 

It is one thing to give your all to something and hope that it works out just the way you hope 
it would….

And it’s a totally different thing not giving your all and take it as it hits you…..

Is it wrong to be emotional….
ls it wrong to show your feelings…

When are emotions not enough
When are they too much….
When is it the right time to show your partner that you care...

When should you hold back ….
Should you even hold back at all….???

They say it’s only normal for people to take advantage when shown too much love and 

But why should it be so….
Why do people term an emotional guy as being weak….?

On the contrary
I think it takes a brave guy to show his emotions….

Most of us hide behind our manliness and our 
masculinity ….
But on the inside 
We have these emotions….
Or sometimes, we tend to avoid being 
abused emotionally….
So we just lock it up and throw away the keys….

And believe me when I say we 
eventually become the victims of our locked away emotions….

And it’s the same with girls…
They get so abused and mis-treated that they lock away their entire heart and 
you know the normal saying “all guys are the same “

Who would blame them….
I see the was men treat their women...
And the way they kill and abuse their emotions
And I wonder what they are still doing 
with them….

You are your emotions….
They are the very life on the inside of you….
You are your emotions….

Your emotions are you….
Don’t let any unworthy person take your life away from you…
It is yours…

Listen , I have gone through things enough to lock up my heart and throw the key into the deepest part of the sea

But guess what...
The key to my emotions ,to my heart belongs to me and not to any girl…

No one is powerful enough to break you
The key to your happiness is in your hands....

Give it to who is deserving of it....

Lagos, Nigeria
  • We are our Emotions.... Our Emotions are us...

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