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7th May, 2016 Writers

 Hope:­The Greatest Gift To Mankind.

      (Takes a deep breath) How do I start? Ok, let me start with this wisdom filled words of my mentor Mr Shola Oshunkeye “Really, there is nothing evil in hoiping after all when there is hope, there is hope”. I'm not going to bore you with all the numerous definition you expecting to see. I promise not to bore you with according to Oxford dictionary or with according to Longman dictionary definition. I also promise not to bore you with all those cliche of according to Karl Marx or with according to Aristortle but I promise to make you grasp the full meaning of hope. Before I go on, I would like to thank my mentor for opening my eyes to this concept in his last write up on sunday April 24.

     What is hope? Are you asking me? You may ask, yes i'm asking you what is hope? Hope is what makes a man leaves his parent to marry his heartthrob hoping to build a beautiful family. Hope is what makes his heartthrob leave her parents and decide to start from scratch and support a man with vision hoping to become successful. Hope is what makes them to both pick a wedding date and begin to plan for the big day. Hope is what gives them confidence on the day of their wedding promising to stay together “for better for worse”. Hope is what gives the groom and bride more reasons to say “Yes I do”. Hope how wonderful is thy name. Hope is what makes these two couple grow in love and wealth. Hope is what makes them copulate and begin to give birth to wonderful kids hoping to nurture world leaders. Hope is what makes them leave their rural community for an urban area in search of greener pastures. Hope is what makes the hardworking man leave home around 4:30am in the morning in other to skip the ever heavy lagos traffic. Hope is what makes the wife joggle between jobs just to ensure her children looks fresh and clean. Hope hmm, hope is when you hope. Hope is what makes the couple work themselves to the bone so their children can get the best education.

    Hope how gracious thy name is. Hope is what made Martin Luther King dream the dream he dreamt in broad day light. Hope is what made Nelson Mandela fight so hard for his people that he even went to jail. Hope is what made the great Fela study music instead of medicine so he could preach against the colonial masters with his music. Hope is what made Oprah Winfrey changed the way we all viewed an African-American woman. Hope is what made Mahatma Ghadi stood for what he believed in. Hope is what made Mary Slessor stopped the killing of twins.  Hope is what made Nigerian electorate vote out PDP hoping for a change. Hope!! Hope!!!! I call thee, the way a typical african man would call on his wife when he is ready to play. Hope is what makes me go back to my writing table and buckle up when I heard Mr shola Oshunkeye sleeps 5am in the morning. Hope is what makes me write and hustle each day of my life hoping to put a smile on my parents and wonderful siblings. Hope is what makes my father the most hardworking man I know work hard to better the lives of his children

Hope is what makes my beautiful mother stay up all night just to pray for her loving children

Hope is what makes my big bro graduate from the best private school in Nigeria with the best grade in his department and still work hard to make a better life. Hope is what makes my beautiful dark sister call mummy everyday complaining about how she struggles with her pocket and school life. Hope is what makes my beautiful fair-skinned sister burn the midnight candle in order to gain admission in far away jos.

     Hope knows no boundaries. Hope, yes you Hope. Can I ask you a question? Why is that with the weight your name carries we still don’t give you your well deserved honour. Hope, I say is the greatest gift to mankind. Hope is neither black nor white. Hope is not a racist. Hope is neither a Christian nor a muslim. Hope is everywhere. Hope is what makes Boko Haram bomb and kill wickedly hoping to turn Nigeria to an Islamic state. Hope is what makes Biafra agitate for self government hoping to control the well cherished oil. Hope is what makes an armed robber carry his weapon and still hope not to be caught by the police. Hope is what makes Nigeria celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Chibok girls without shame. Hope is what makes this writer use the torchlight from his phone to write this article because the government has refused to give us stable light and our only hope which is petrol has its price going on a space ride. Hope is what again makes this writer write till sweat begins to drip down to his boxers. Hope how great and wonderful thy name is. Hope is what makes that beautiful crippled beggar I see everyday stay in the scorching hot sun beside the road begging for money waiting and hoping that someone would park beside her instead of giving her #20 note he /she would carry her and take good care of her. Hope what again makes this crippled beggar waits everyday with her umbrella hoping for a miracle to happen. Hope is what makes my cousin move to Lagos immediately after his final papers in search of a better live. Hope is what makes my close pal korrynizzy live a dual life. Hope is what makes him read hard during school period and what makes do overnight session in the studio during the holiday. Hope please kindly forgive us for not giving you any award or medal duly deserved. Hope again is what makes Olajumoke stop selling bread all of a sudden and then start a career in modeling. 

     Hope how excellent is thy name. Hope known yet seems to live like an unknown. Hope is what made Gaddafi die like a rat because he was hoping he would conquer once more. Hope is what makes a soldier leave his family and go to the war front in other to protect coming generations. Hope is what makes a student with a 1.5CGPA struggle to graduate and get a better lifre. Hope is what made Olamide attain such height that even an ajebutter would like to claim street. Hope is what made Davido whom I call the stubborn rich kid make his peers think beyond depending on their father’s wealth. Hope is what makes Linda ikeji post news update at 1am in the morning because she wants to be successful. Hope is what made Donald Trump contest for the presidential seat of United states of America. Hope I say again is what made my Literature-in-english teacher back in secondary school leave Ghana and come to Nigeria to teach. God bless him. Hope is what makes these couples earlier mentioned stick together when their marriage is going through tough times. hope is what President Buhari contest for the same post consectively till he finally won the fourth time. Hope is what made Micheal Jackson bleach his skin hoping to get more fan base and fame. Hope is that special kind that is found in all humans either tall or short, black or white, African or asian, rich or poor, abled or disabled.

     Hope is what makes us to hope for another hopeful day. Hope is what made Dasuki turn father Christmas overnight sharing away government revenue hoping to get favour in return. Hope is what makes Messi win the world best footballer despite been told he was too short. Hope is also what made Ronaldo not relent in his effort in making people believe he is better than Messi. Hope all hail thee. Hope all praises to thy existence. The day a man loose hope that’s the day he begins to die. The main cause of suicide in today’s world is lack of hope. Hope, the only proof of live.

Osun, Nigeria
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