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Suddenly, there was a knock at the door….’knock….knock….”

Samuel a middle aged bronze skin toned guy, tall and broad chested with gentle warm brown eyes, well kept shaved hairs and beards and a charming smile that blows the ladies away, he was seated on his comfortable settee when  he heard the knock on his door.

Uju!! Uju!!... Samuel called, yes sir! Uju answered, there is someone at the door Samuel said.

Uju was his housemaid, his mother had just brought her from the village arochukwu in Abia state. Uju walked towards the door as she opened it to see who it was, she was astonished by who she saw and jumped up with joy as she gave the person at d door a big hug.

(Are you curious to know who it is? Who could it be? Could it be Samuel’s mum, dad or sibling?....let's kill our curiosity and go back to d scene).

Looking at the stiletto heel it’s obviously a lady, tall with a curvy body, she had on a wild frizzy brown hair, well toned arms and legs, cute smile and fair in complexion, thin lips and a pointed nose, brown eyes with long lashes and a meaningful tattoo on a small area of her neck… 

This beautiful lady is Carolina, Samuel’s girlfriend of five years, she had just returned from Canada after doing a short program in public health. Carolina is a registered nurse with the license to practice, she is also a successful and independent lady… She wanted to surprise Samuel, so he had no idea of her arrival.

Oga..!! oga..!!!, madam don come back ooo Uju shouted as she carried Carolina’s bags in.  Samuel was in shock because the only person he knew Uju called ‘madam’ was Carolina, Uju what are you even saying now….he walked towards the entrance door and his balls bulged out as he saw her.

Surprise!!!!!! Carolina screamed loudly  as she saw him, she quickly rushes to hug him.     Wow, Samuel said…. I'm so happy to see you love(with the shiver in his voice, I wouldn’t believe he is that happy to see her).  Baby I’ve really missed you my love, Carolina said with a soft voice and she reaches out to hug him again…. I wanted to surprise you and with that look on your face(Samuel was still in shock, with his mouth opened a little and his face looking all bothered) I think I did a job well done.

But sweetheart you should have informed me, so that at least I could come pick you up from the airport Samuel said as he playfully touches her pointed nose(okay maybe somehow he is happy she is back, but something’s up because he's acting strangely).  Haba! Sweetheart does it matter, I’m here now  and we’re finally back to each other’s arms, you really don’t know how much i've missed you… I never want to be apart from you anymore, one year is already enough as she holds his hands tightly and they both share a kiss and reaches for the stairs.

 Much later….

Samuel and Carolina are seen in the bedroom, Carolina is wrapped with a small towel(seems she had just taken a shower, she needs it though after hours to Nigeria).

 Samuel and Carolina met five years back at a friends birthday party, Carolina was brought as an escort by the celebrants sister…( And I’m sure you know what’s next, the guy walks up to the girl and talks about how breath taking she is, the girl blushes off more like the guy has swept her feet away… They talk all night long  and notices the connection between them and then exchange contacts, the rest is history) well that’s pretty much it, until about a year ago Carolina had to travel for her studies, Samuel on the other hand is a successful large retail business man who loves his country Nigeria so much.

Back to Samuel and Carolina’s scene….

They are both seen lying down so closely to each other, undressed but covered with the duvet (they certainly don’t waste time, do they?)…. They probably just finished having an episode(you should understand what I mean).  Sweetheart why don’t you go over to your parents house, they have a right to know you are back in the country and den you can come see me later.   Why do I get a feeling that you’re just trying to push me away, baby I came back for you and you alone.. I’m not dying anytime soon, so I can see my family whenever but for now I just want to be with you Carolina insisted.  As Samuel was about to speak, he got a message on his phone that left him extremely nervous…

The message; “ baby I’m downstairs”.

Is everything alright sweetheart, why that look on your face. Uhmm it’s fine love he said ( sweating profusely…  I guess the heat is on), babe give me a minute let me put things in order downstairs (he kisses her on the forehead as he reaches for the door and completely locks it behind him).

 ( wait wait wait…..  lets pause this story for a second,  haaaa baby kwa!,  who could have sent Samuel such a message…? Is he a lover boy or a player? Only one way to find out ,lets go back to the scene with our arms and legs crossed).

The living room….

Hey baby…. I missed my flight, so I came back(she walks up to Samuel and kisses him). Oh my God are u kidding me Vanessa, you should have lodged in a hotel or something than coming back all the way to the island.. Why did you come back nau, I’m finished(Samuel said silently).

Mtcheeew(she sighs),excuse me…. Please What’s all these attitude, I’m I not your soon to be fiancée again and you’re here treating me like trash, I have every right to come back here because this is also my house.  (She pushes Samuel away and reaches for the stairs that leads to the bedroom where Carolina is, Samuel quickly rushes her to avoid her from going there).

Miss Vanessa(Uju called out, as she's seen holding broom, mob and bucket) I’m sorry but I want to clean that room, so you can’t enter for now. 

Ahaaa that’s where Uju the housemaid sets in AKA itiboribo as she is popularly called by the fellow workers. She has her own personal history with Vanessa, as they both dislike each other so much and gets on each others nerves (Samuel takes a deep breath as he winks at uju,as per good job for saving his skin). You better clean that room very fast Vanessa said to Uju.

Babe ok I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have reacted that way, come here(he holds her by her well curved hips) lets go to the guest room. Vanessa smiled and they both walk into the room.

Vanessa is Samuels girlfriend of six month, they started dating shortly after Carolina traveled out. (According to Samuel he's a guy and he has needs, he had already set his mind that Carolina could go there and meet someone else, but he thought wrong....... Though it was supposed to be a fling with Vanessa but you know shit happens and it lead to this, they fell in love and he has plans of proposing to her).

Night falls….

The both ladies are finally asleep, Vanessa is at the guest room while Carolina is at the main bedroom. Samuel is seen getting ready to leave for a friends engagement party(he has no plan of taking any of them along with him, he already made sure Uju provided them with everything they needed inside their rooms) Devil can like to work in mysterious ways he said to himself as he exits the building.

Later that night…..

Vanessa wakes up from sleep after a horrible nightmare, she touches the other side of the bed and couldn’t feel any body lying next to hers, she decides to check up on Samuel at the main bedroom.

She walks into the room(with the lights already off) on touching the bed she could feel a body there and assumed it was Samuel’s so she laid down next to the body(at this point Carolina is fast asleep and has no clue on what just happened).

(Samuel was hung over from the party when he came back home ,he slept on his settee all through  d rest of the night).

Already morning; 6:45 am

(Carolina sets to wake up for her daily exercise to keep in shape)

Good Morning my love(she kisses the body next to hers, thinking it was Samuel),why are your lips so small and soft. 

(Vanessa wakes up on hearing a strange voice that sounded so feminine),my lips has always been soft and small, how can you ask me that. And why is your voice like that, please I’m not in for all these you early morning jokes.

(Okay lets freeze and pause that scene, what the hell!!!!.....that did not just happen, this is getting so hot in here….. let’s take a look at what Samuel’s up to).

 Living room…..


Yes sir, Uju  replied.  Make me a cup of coffee and bring upstairs, I’ll be waiting in my room.

Yes sir

(Samuel heads for the stairs to his room, not knowing the catastrophe he's about to cause)

(He enters the room and puts on the light), baby good morning… (with shock he see’s the two ladies on the bed)

The two ladies looks at Samuel standing at the door and looked at each other…..

 (hahahhahaha i'm gonna allow you use your head to figure out what happened next)

                 THE END

Watch out for the next episode  on

         “THE JOURNEY SO FAR”   


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