Hustlers in the City
10th May, 2016 Photographers
The popular argument when images like these are seen is that we are literally exposing our unfortunate ways of being to the world, and the fear is that it will affect how the rest of the world see us: a continent of sufferers, of people who have been beaten and humiliated by life and who have been forced to accept the cup of tea which life has served them. Well, I disagree. At least when I document the streets I see beyond the suffering. I see people who have not given up on trying to be successful. Men, women, children, on the streets and in their different hustles. I see people who are fighting back. I see people who tale pride in the fact...the very fact that they may not be rich, but they aren't dead and doomed. I see people who are hoping, believing, belonging, and becoming. I think this is good and commendable. The spirit, I mean. And one day it shall be said that when we were tested, we refused to falter. Life is hard, yes, but we are not giving up. As an artist, these are pictures that reveal the spirit and depth of our hustle.
Abuja, Nigeria
  • Images made in different locations across Nigeria. Benin-City, Abuja, Lokoja, and Kaduna.

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