Sequin embroidered danshiki on skirt

So I had this introduction/engagement the next day and the theme colour chosen was white and a gold head gear was sold to us, I must say I'm probably the only person in this country who doesn't have a white traditional wear. Back to the story, so I was given almost 3 yards of guinea fabric as a bribe to sew for the briber,a day before the party oo, I didn't complain cos her style was easy, I would have shared that style but she never got to wear it as she had a baby on the day of the party. By evening I was done with her easy style but then that meant I had just hours to sew something for myself with almost 3 yards of guinea, obviously it has to be a style that is easy to sew, so I decided to try a danshiki and a skirt to go with, knowing there won't be enough time to do the real embroidery,  I had to improvise, I had just bought a pack of that string of sequin and I used it instead, it took me about 3 hours to do that, all the while scared that it wouldn't look nice but it did, I have pictures to prove it, plus I got a lot of stares and compliments at the party, if only I was a little bit bigger.....hmm. ...check it out people 

Lagos, Nigeria
  • I attached string of sequin on danshiki instead of the normal thread embroidery, hit or miss?

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