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When wars and conflicts totally cease, 

In our world, there shall be peace. 

People must learn to get along, 

Not blame others, for being wrong.

They fight for control, fight for land, 

Some just need a helping hand. 

We must rid ourselves of vanity, 

And embrace peace, through humanity.

Wars make children so much tougher, 

Lose their innocence, while they suffer. 

We should fight for peace instead, 

Love not war, we should spread.

Peace is something we all seek, 

When we lack it, we feel weak. 

Since it's rooted deep inside, 

With our peace, we're closely tied.

Peace is something you can't buy, 

You won't catch it from the sky. 

Something about it is truly sublime, 

It does not follow distance nor time.

Peace is something we mutually share, 

For it is just, and always fair. 

When we find it, peace is sweet, 

It shall make our life complete.

When there's harmony, there is peace, 

Joy on earth does increase. 

For peace to grow in your community, 

The first step is social unity.

We all know that healthy relations, 

Are the keys to peaceful nations. 

War and conflicts, we must avoid, 

So that beauty of life, may be enjoyed.

We just need to open our hearts, 

That's where peace clearly starts. 

It's not that difficult to embrace and find, 

With a caring and open mind.

Inner peace; wish to attain, 

Peace of mind, one shall gain. 

Spiritually and Mentally, 

Won't be achieved accidentally.

Conscious enlightenment, ultimate goal, 

Living life to the fullest; being whole. 

Knowledge shall help one understand, 

That inner peace is truly grand.

The beauty of it, is the lack of stress, 

Bliss and happiness, shall possess. 

One must know, oneself quite well, 

To attain a healthy, internal shell.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • In my opinion, in order to be at peace with oneself, we must know ourselves very well. Because if we don't know who we are, our lives could become chaotic and unstable.

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