13th May, 2016 Writers


We have been in his presence

 Here, no mask can cover your pretence

Apprehended by divine, sins go to jail

 And no authority is greater to grant them bail.

Many tooth shine as white as snow

 Smiles glitter than gold

I pray to keep my salvation till old

Back home, temptation lies naked, many never know.

She was battered, bruised and beaten here

 And shame brought her down

Yet she cannot easily pack out of town

 Alas! she recovers with satanic tonic there.

Back home, the real war looms

 I need your help, before the bomb booms.

Uche Chidozie Okorie

Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
  • Sin and Righteousness... The battle of supernatural beings. Are we the undergods here on earth?

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