Our Nigeria
16th May, 2016 Writers

She has wealth but She's poor,

She has strength yet She's just weak,

She's cut deep and left with a sore,

She's dying and all Her children do is just sleep,

She's so beautiful, yet very Ugly,

She's like a garden of flowers yet stinks like a dung hill,

Just like the Titanic she's a wonder but she's barely afloat,

Her own children decimate Her consistently and yet they gloat,

Now She looks Up and cries to God, where is Your face?

She's crying and wailing,

Will Her destruction be the end of the case?

O God look on Nigeria, Your grace We're awaiting!


(IG:  @ay_blueblood)

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Are You complaining or Praying for her?

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