I was there when You had nothing
19th May, 2016 Writers

They say not to date when You make money but rather before, I don't agree. If You can't provide for a lady, You shouldn't even think of having one; regardless of the fact that a lot of ladies pretend for as long as what they want stays on hold, I think any sensitive gentleman would very well tell if a girl is faking emotions and feelings for them. 

Truth is She might actually love You, but when You consistently fall short in carrying out basic "boyfriend responsibilities" deliberately or not, She would get used to You being like that, but Her love would not want to stay like that, so If You ask Me, not all girls are after successful BOYS, but the wise ones want responsible young boys who show potentials of eventually becoming full grown Men with them... 

The Nigerian economy is annihilating that "I was there when You had nothing" kind of Love My people.

Best have something from the start, and do right by Your lady...

Abuja, Nigeria
  • how Nigerian relationships should be

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