Little Things Around Us
20th May, 2016 Photographers

I'd seen photographs of birds made by Sadiya, who later became my friend, and I adored how much effort she must have put into creating those images. On the very day we met we did not have time to talk much but she'd told me she actually takes out time during weekends to photograph birds. It was a very un-Nigerian thing to do. We admire those picture of nature when we see them in foreign magazines and blogs but because we think so much of survival and money we forget how much beauty we could actually find in the little things around us. I told Sadiya that I was going to try my hands on something. I started with the #Lizard in my neighborhood (I titled the photo "The Communion" after it was made), and then the #Bird, and then the #DragonFlies.
One thing I have learned photographing nature is patience. To photograph birds for example, because of their very shy nature, I had to hide in the bush for about half of an hour, waiting, concealed, with my Sigma 70-300mm lens fitted on my Canon 60D. The slightest movement means that you miss the shot and so it took me time.
The dragon flies were not so difficult, but I took time to understand the environment first because I wanted the exact image I got. Dark background resulted from an excess of green leaves cast in a shade on the very sunny afternoon. So the photos are not retouched. Except for the monochrome of the dragon flies in their mating

Abuja, Nigeria
  • Macro-photography

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