Life in Lagos - Super Humans
24th May, 2016 Photographers

They're probably single mothers, widows, or simply supporting the income of their husbands. They probably have 16year olds who need extra fees for WAEC and Jamb examinations. They probably have 3 little children who have been home for over a week as a result of school fees. Their little ones probably screamed, "Mummy I'm hungry"  before they set out for the business of the day to bring in money for Lunch and Dinner, since breakfast could not be served.

We see them everyday, from the highway to the streets, from pure water to bottle water,  soft drinks and gala. You hail them from your tinted glass, and in full speed they bring you the really cold coke you demanded.

As women, many of us do not see ourselves doing certain jobs. We don't even think we're strong enough for some tasks.

But the truth is, we never realise how strong we truly are until being strong is the only option.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Hardworking women earning an honest living by hawking several goods around Lagos traffic.

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