our reps
27th May, 2016 Writers

right before election 

office doors opened twenty-four seven

their house to many is heaven

election came and gone 

they live far away in the sky

where no poor man can reach

they came bearing goodwills like prophets,

filling the hearts with promises,

handing out breakthrough pamphlet,

which are only to be shattered like ashes, 

once the masses crown them with palm,

they no longer ride donkeys but cars

from the people's servants, 

they turn to overlords, 

ditching politics, 

hooking up with politricks and politicks,

sucking on the host blood, 

to increase their volumes

as we have the judas, 

we also have peter, 

even though the sea is not calm, 

they are ready to uplift the church, 

to lay it foundation upon the rock, 

and never to betray the faithful faith.

Osun, Nigeria
  • The chronicles of our politicians and representatives of the masses

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