28th May, 2016 Writers

"The man that injured this dog will be unfortunate; he will limp for the rest of his life; he will be in pain and miseries..."

These curses woke me up from my sleep
I went outside after the noise subsided
Only to find a pale dog in front of my hostel
The dog's  fore limbs were twisted  The hind limbs were twisted too
The dog tried hard to stand up, but only to fall down again
This poor dog made so many attempts to walk but she fell down again and again
Then was I moved with compassion; tears began to drop like rain,
I felt sorry for this dog as she whimpered while trying to crawl to survive

Then I said to myself "this dog will die...what a painful way to die!"
It was as if the dog heard me; she then began to crawl in pains towards an abandoned car and hid under it
After about a week, and to my surprise, I saw this dog limping but now happy
She moved towards a bucket of water to drink

Then I learnt a lesson; that no matter how much life hurts you, you need to endure
I learnt that pains could be forgotten with time, if you let time do its work
I learnt that even if you fail or have failed, all you need to do is to believe in yourself and rise again and again as often as you fall

This dog was strong willed, determined and believing
Despite the impossibility that stared hard at her, she believed she can walk again, and she did
She forgave the wicked human that caused the pain
She remained calm throughout those period of pains

Truly life might seem unfair; friends and family may hurt you
But there is something inside of you
And you can walk again!

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Strenght an inner drive

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