Amor genuino
28th May, 2016 Writers

During the lunch I picked up my phone
I pressed on the menu button
Only to find myself staring at your pics
I smiled as I moved from one pic to another

You are altogether beautiful!
Your face shines like an asteroid
Oh! see how beauty embraced you
Lips so tender and soft
Wish you could kiss me throughout ages

Falling in love happens in tales, but I never knew I would be a casualty of one
Titanic taught me love
But the love of jack for rose was a fiction!!!
A man can't just lay his life for a woman
A woman! A woman!! A woman!!!

Suddenly I came across the story of a young handsome man born in Galilee
This man sacrificed himself for mankind
The love of mankind was a burden to him
A burden he had to lift by dying.
Oh!This is Love! The real love!

My emotions was triggered after hearing this story, I became broken by his love
What manner of love is this!
That a man should lay his life down for his friends

Love is not proven genuine by words alone
It must lunch you into action and sacrifice

Jack was not a mistake after all
He did the right thing for Rose

Nkem I love you with all my heart
I kept falling in love like raindrops
I don't want to lose these feelings
I have found tranquillity in it
And lo!, the journey of Love has begun!!!

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Love is genuine through action!!!

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