23rd August, 2016 Writers

Crickets twitching... Silence overwhelmed...
Darkness dominate... Horror spells doom...
I felt a hit. My spirit suspended.
Struggle ,struggle, struggle
My "body" struggled with my "spirit", I wont let you go.

You have not fulfilled your purpose on earth.
You want to finish school and travel all over the world...
You promised your mother a better future..
You told your twin you will always stand by him... Now its not your time.

But why??? I've been incapacitated, look at me.
Was this the way I was 5minutes ago?
I only wanted to join my friends to speak for our right I was not armed nor fortified.
The men of the under world just chose to handicap me.
I was shot for no reason
I was labelled the evil one
What else? What next?
I'm left with a stigma, a stigma I will carry for the rest of my life.

When I heard of the happenings around us
They bring tears to my eyes
Sometimes I cry; I say I cry,
I joined not because I wanted to fight or be impudent But because of the pain that I feel inside of me
The hurt that burns within me
But yet you cant still go. You are filled with abundance of talents. You have a purpose you have not achieved.
Just take a look at your fellow students
See their pain, take a look at their struggles too,
Can you hear their wailing, and their silent prayers.

They recognize you as their hero
You took a bullet for their sake
Don't go please; Stay and fulfill your purpose

#savefunaab #prayfortaiwo #saveysfromincessantkillings #saveusfromnpf #saveusfromtyranny.

Lagos, Nigeria
  • Savetaiwo

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